Cisco® IPICS

The Cisco® IPICS portfolio of products and applications provides cost-effective and comprehensive communications interoperability between push-to-talk (PTT) radio systems and devices such as mobile phones, IP phones, public switched telephone network (PSTN) phones, and PC clients. Based on proven IP standards, Cisco IPICS takes advantage of ubiquitous IP networks to extend the reach of traditional communications networks and also to provide notification using email, pager notification, and Short Message Service (SMS). Using Cisco IPICS, public sector agencies and enterprises can intelligently apply resources to streamline operations and rapidly respond to routine events as well as emergencies. Cisco IPICS can be deployed in mobile command vehicles and included in tactical communications kits, connecting to IP or non-IP wired, wireless, or satellite networks.

The public sector agencies, enterprises, and other organizations that are responsible for preparing for and responding to emergency situations are finding themselves in the midst of a technology revolution. Incident response now involves modern networks, computers, and other devices in addition to ubiquitous Land Mobile Radio (LMR). The Cisco IPICS enables comprehensive communications interoperability between different networks, devices, and agencies, enhancing agencies’ operational effectiveness and their ability to save lives and protect property.

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