Access Control

A well-designed access control solution will be the first line of defence in monitoring access to client premises. Access control enables clients to monitor movement around their sites or buildings – whilst preventing unauthorised entry. The optimum access control solution for any premises, will depend upon the level of security, control and scalability required.

Access control solutions range from stand-alone endpoint devices with in-built door control and access policies, to mid-range systems that reside on workstations (PCs), to larger IP enterprise solutions that are server based either on hardware or in a virtualised environment. ViS specialise in delivering all three categories of access control to meet clients specific operational requirements.

ViS access control software is scalable to meet any operational requirement. Software can range from small to medium, to the larger IP based enterprise solutions. Enterprise solutions are more complex and can integrate video surveillance and detection systems and can also include mustering, time and attendance and active directory integration.

ViS has Approved Partner status with industry leading access control endpoint manufacturers. This allows ViS to provide an array of access control readers to meet your specific requirements and card technologies. ViS also use wireless on-line and off-line readers which permit the deployment of mid to enterprise class access control solutions with minimal cabling infrastructure, but still allowing the management of the systems using comprehensive software.

For high-risk security applications such as pharmaceutical, datacentre and law enforcement, ViS offer a wide range of access control biometrics solutions. From iris recognition, to fingerprint and palm scanning, these systems can be combined with proximity and/or pin verification for additional levels of security.